Fabric Playpen - Hexagonal - Blue

Fabric Playpen - Hexagonal - Blue

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The POKANO fabric playpens by TikkTokk are a new and advanced playpen which create a gentle, soft, comfortable and loving environment for your baby.  

The substantial, integrated non-slip rubberised feet uniquely provide added assurance, whilst the corner mechanism is custom designed by TikkTokk to provide quick and easy assembly and dissassembly. 

With a convenient transport bag, the TikkTokk POKANO playpen is a must have for any loving family who like the versatility and portability this playpen has to offer

Fabric Baby Playpen - keep baby safe & secure whilst providing a large play area

Crafted in beautiful, durable, washable polycotton

Thick padded, fitted floor mat

Integrated rubberised feet ensures non-slip

Large free-flow netting windows in every panel