5 OF THE BEST: Children's Table & Chair Sets

 Our children's table and chair sets are the most popular items at The Little Furniture Co. and with good reason. Their durability means they last forever and they have multiple uses - from drawing, painting, writing and crafting, picnicing, playing with lego - the list is endless.

We have put together our favourite and most popular table and chair sets and the reasons why we love each one so much.


Liberty House Toys 5-in-1 Multipurpose Table & Chair Set, £59.99

Why We Love It: We love the bold simplicity of this table and chair set. It comes in five different bright colours - bluepinkpurplegreen and orange and multi-coloured - and is super sturdy, excellent quality and multi-functional making it seriously good play value. The tabletop can be used flat for drawing, painting, crafting and eating, or turned over where there is a building blocks surface - compatible with Lego and most major building block brands. The tabletop can also be removed and filled with water or sand, perfect for outdoor play. We couldn’t love this any more, an essential for your little one!


Liberty House Toys 4 Drawer Activity Table, £79.99

Why We Love It: Not only is this table dual surface but it also has integrated drawers which makes tidying up a dream! The tabletop has a building blocks surface, which is compatible with Lego and most major building block brands. It has a lid which slides over to use the table for drawing, crafting, painting etc. And once your little one has finished, just sweep all the lego into the four pull-out drawers and everything is neat tidied away! Chairs aren't included with this table, but matching chairs are available here.


Liberty House Toys Multipurpose Activity Table & Chairs with Storage Bag, £39.99

Why We Love It: This colourful table and chairs set has a building blocks tabletop surface which is compatible with Lego and most other major building block brands. It's great value at just £39.99 and provides hours of fun. Once your little one has finished, all the blocks can just be swept into the storage bag clipped onto the side of the table. It makes tidying easy and stress-free!

Tikk Tokk Boss Envy Table & Chair Set, £89.99 

Why We Love It: This table and chair set by Australian brand Tikk Tokk is a classic addition to your little one’s bedroom or play area. It’s superb quality and we love the bold colours - it’s available in bright blue and bright red - paired with the natural wood. It’s the perfect table and chair set for drawing, painting, crafting and eating and it can be wiped clean after use. We just love it!

Tikk Tokk Boss Art Table, £89.99

Why We Love It: For the keen artist! The Tikk Tokk Boss Art Table comes with one chair and a pull-out paper roll for drawing and painting. The paper roll is secured to the table so there's no papers all over the floor and it has a pull-out drawer to store crayons and pens!

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